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How to Generate Free Website Traffic and Make Money Online

Driving traffic to a website is a challenge for any budding online entrepreneur. Every business person wants to sell his or her products and services. For this reason, he needs an audience who can be potential customers or clients. But with millions of websites and thousands of competitors online, you need to know HOW to get your site seen as quickly as possible.

Generating free website traffic is a science that can be learned. However, not all traffic is useful. What you need is targeted traffic that has an interest in your product. And to take full advantage of the benefits and rewards provided by this traffic, you need to distinguish which method of generating traffic is useful and which is not.

There are two types of traffic -paid and free. Both these types come in several forms. There are some forms which are really effective, while there are those which can drive traffic to your website but do not generate your desired results. However, compared to the free traffic methods, using paid website traffic methods (that is, advertising) maybe too expensive. For this reason therefore, this article will focus on free traffic methods..

Effective Forms of Free Traffic

As mentioned above, there are effective and not-so-effective forms of website traffic. For you to distinguish which forms to use, here are some of the most effective forms of free traffic which is widely available on the Internet.

Organic Traffic

This is considered as the best type of website traffic due to its effectiveness. Organic traffic is originally driven from search engines. For example, if you use a search engine to learn 'how to start a home-based business in Australia', you simply type in these words, also known as keywords, in the search query box.

In no time, you will yield the top ten results of your query. Of course, the most attractive website will be the one containing your keywords as is. The probability is you will visit this website and provide traffic to that website.

Referred Traffic

Referred traffic is achieved by visiting the link provided by a certain website. Taking on the example above, let us suppose you have visited the website generated by the search engine. As you read along this website, you see certain links to other pages which interest you. You open it in a new tab in your browser and plan to read it afterward.

Email List

Generally, there are two ways of generating an email list. One is solicited while the other is not. Between these two, wise Internet marketers will choose the solicited email list. For one, it targets the traffic that is exactly needed by the business. Your marketing efforts are not considered 'spam' and a waste of time.

Through an email list, you are given the privilege to have a personal communication with a potential customer or client. It is achieved through website landing pages and opt-in boxes where a visitor puts in his or her email address to receive a newsletter or subscription letter to his or her inbox from you. This is particularly effective if you are working in the network marketing industry.

Word of Mouth

This form of free traffic is either done face-to-face or through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If an individual is happy with his or her discovery from a certain website which he or she previously visited, there is an inclination to tell others about it.

Link Traffic

As the name suggests, this form of traffic is created by placing a link of another website to your own website. Since search engines measure the quality and quantity of the links placed in your website, you will have the chance to rank higher in search engine result pages.

To employ these methods, you may use free traffic generating programs also available on the Internet. However, there may be a need to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Only after learning it will you be able to understand the essence of keywords amongst other things in building traffic for your website.

Your goal in driving traffic to your website is to lead real people to purchase your products and services. Consequently, you don't need 'Paid-to-Click' or 'Paid-to-read' services. It is as if you are just deceiving yourself that you are driving traffic to your website, when in fact, members of these 'Paid-to' sites are not after your products, services or ideas. And probably, after a few seconds from clicking the link to your website, a member will just leave without even bothering to read your web content.

(Please note that the foregoing refers to 'paid to click' programs which we do not recommend. On the other hand, pay per click (PPC) advertising can be an extremely valuable paid method to promote your product.)

In conclusion, be wise in choosing a marketing strategy that you employ for generating your website traffic. Stay away from scammers which only want to get money from you. Research for methods continuously and be able to compare results every time.

A home based business gives you the flexibility of getting a second source of income without leaving your daytime job. If you decide to go full time, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your family without missing work. What is important is that you find the right type of home based business that works for you.